Subs and percussion's noise

Antoine Läng  - Raphaël Ortis - Louis Schild - David Meier 

voc - bass - bass - drums

Created in 2014, the drone-noise duo Leon has merged into a polymorphic entity leading them to various collaborations with Andrea Parkins, Christian Weber, Sean Baxter, Robbie Avenaim, Rodolphe Loubatière, Kasper Toeplitz and Antoine Läng, to name a few. This original duo made out of the two bass players Raphaël Ortis and Louis Schild provides as a solid entity, taking diverse directions in improvisations, electro and noise-free.In this experimental mode, LEON+, a variant enhanced by the voice of Antoine Läng and David Meier's drumming, the band has extended their exploratory fields into a complex architecture. This four voices intense dialogue at the border of math-rock and noise poetry, with its precise and still abrasive compositions, is furious, chaotic, at the risk of being dismembered by the released energy.

LEON+ @ 4th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival

Shenzhen, China

October 2014

Recorded at Blend Studio by Xavier Dromard and Antoine Estoppey
Mixed by Xavier Dromard
Released in february 2016
In colaboration with the great Bad Bonn Kilbi
Photographies by Michel Bonvin and
Lisa Bonard

Conception by Michel Bonvin, Lisa Bonard , Louis Schild and
Antoine Läng
Serigraphy at Atelier Obscur Lausanne
Printed by Ronquoz graphix Sion

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